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How I Met Your Mother: Some Thoughts

This might just be fever-induced hysteria but I'm actually kind of glad that Barney and Robin broke up yesterday. Sure, some part of me is hoping that its all just a ploy and they'll be back together soon, but really, the relationship was killing the show. The show was pretty awesome up until the point when Barney and Robin got together. Maybe it's that Barney being single was what made the show so hilarious and him being tied down in a monogamous relationship just killed the vibe of the show. So, yeah, I still totally ship Barney/Robin, but maybe that's what fanfiction is for. Sure, in real TV land, they're broken up, but at least in fanfiction land they'll be together forever....
(P.S. I think I've gone into post-traumatic stress. I'm bleeding optimism...ugh!)

[FIC] Haze (Part 2)

Title: Haze (Part 2)
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Tragedy, Dark
Setting: anything after the season 5 premiere, the time’s kind of ambiguous
Word count: 1,400
Summary: The Vicodin makes everything interesting to say the least, but he’s managing.

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Does anyone watch Flash Forward? Its actually a pretty good show but that's probably because I've never seen Lost. Anyways, recently they've had this thing with these guys with blue hands that have something to do with what caused the flashforwards.

Is it just me or is that totally riffing from Firefly and the guys with the blue gloves that freak out River?

Just a thought

[FIC] Haze (Part 1)

Title: Haze (1/3)
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Tragedy, Dark
Setting: anytime after the season 5 premiere, the time’s kind of ambiguous
Word count: 1, 250
Summary: Its a week after the accident before he sees her again.

[FIC] Intensive Care: HIMYM B/R

Title: Intensive Care
Pairing: Barney/Robin
Genre: General, Hurt/Comfort
Table: B
Prompt: #24 Tears, #94 Sanctuary
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,500
Summary: What really happened after Barney’s bus accident.
Disclaimer: I don’t own it… I could never be that hilarious…

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Fanfic Challenge Prompt Table

What to do when I have Writer's Block: join a challenge!!
The Claim is HIMYM Barney/Robin

1.Romance. 2.Beauty. 3.Forgiveness. 4.Regret. 5.Discovery.
6.First Meeting. 7.Hardest Truth. 8.Resolutions. 9.Anything. 10.Home.
11.Intimacy. 12.Self-Love. 13.Kisses. 14.Frustration. 15.Pressure.
16.Absurd. 17.Forbidden. 18.Honesty. 19.Grace. 20.Laughter.
21.Confidence. 22.Happiness. 23.Sexy. 24.Tears. 25.Growth.
26.Sensuality. 27.Faith. 28.Night. 29.Day. 30.Innocence.
31.Music. 32.Water. 33.Love. 34.Ambiguity. 35.Act.
36.Whew. 37.Anger. 38.Dirt. 39.Trust. 40.Heat.
41.Summer Love. 42.Patience. 43.Opportunity. 44.Death. 45.Passion.
46.Healing. 47.Life. 48.Joy. 49.Freedom. 50.Bliss.
51.Dreams. 52.Kinky. 53.Haunted. 54.Emergence. 55.Transmogrify.
56.Magnetic. 57.Surreal. 58.Passage. 59.Lush. 60.Could Of.
61.Would Of. 62.Should Of. 63.Hunger. 64.Need. 65.Want.
66.Take. 67.Have. 68.Mine. 69.Yours. 70.Lubricious.
71.Lugubrious. 72.Perspective. 73.Capering. 74.Empathy. 75.Sympathy.
76.Mirth. 77.Almost. 78.Always. 79.Surprise. 80.Warmth.
81.Heartache. 82.Ghosts. 83.Break-Up. 84.Make-Up. 85.Diary.
86.Voice. 87.Biggest Fear. 88.Warning. 89.Everything. 90.Nothing.
91.Failure. 92.Success. 93.Glimpse. 94.Sanctuary. 95.Picture.
96.Writer‘s Choice. 97.Writer‘s Choice. 98.Writer‘s Choice. 
99.Writer‘s Choice.
100.Writer‘s Choice.

[FIC] Fate (Part 1): HIMYM

Title: Fate (Part 1)
Rating: PG-ish for now
Pairing: Ted/Other, Barney/Robin, Lily/Marshall, Ensemble
Setting: After the Season 5 premiere, but kind of AU for everything afterwards
Word count: 1,300 give or take a few words
Summary: Going back to school was a simple decision that changed her life forever.

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With school and everything' i've been super super super busy (damn homework) so the only time i really get to write anything is weekends and/or when i choose to procrastinate and/or when i choose to stay up late. So, right now, i have a whole bunch of half-finished short stories saved on my computer, and various other ideas floating around in my head. Once a break pops up (yay thanksgiving!) i'll probably be posting a lot more regularly, but for now, all i have are a few short unfinished things.

Anyways, i'm trying to work towards doing a writing challenge, but i haven't gotten around to choosing one yet so that'll come soon..ish...

Also, i've been super addicted to watching new tv shows right now. sure, i already watch wayy too many but i love tv so much i have to have more. So here's a list of a few im trying out:

Freaks and Geeks: It was only for one season and i love all of the actors, i'm on episode 4 right now but youtube is retarded and cutting out a whole chunk of it...sidereel doesnt want to show more links so that's a wip...

Castle: omg nathan fillion! and i can't get enough of procedural shows...they're so addicting!

Lost: its on its final season and i havent even started yet...eventually i will get into it...

Mad Men: yeah, this is kind of low priority right now on my list, but i know its an amazing show so i'll get around to it eventually.

Battlestar Galactica: intense awesome scifi show that is kind of confusing...but i think i'll get into it when i have time...

The Big Bang Theory: i tried a while back, i really did, but it just didn't grow on me. i'll try later

So, eventually some stories will be put up, when i get the chance...stupid school


[FIC] Eight Words: HIMYM B/R

Title: Eight Words
Rating: PG, almost G
Pairing: Barney/Robin
Setting: Eh, i think anywhere after the first episode of season 4 makes sense, AU for season 4 fin
Word count: About 1,500 words
Summary: With those eight words, everything broke and everything came back together again...
A/N: First fic, un-edited and kind of weird...

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Writing Journal

This is a writing journal for mostly my fanfiction, but i guess i'll try and post some original works here from time to time.