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With school and everything' i've been super super super busy (damn homework) so the only time i really get to write anything is weekends and/or when i choose to procrastinate and/or when i choose to stay up late. So, right now, i have a whole bunch of half-finished short stories saved on my computer, and various other ideas floating around in my head. Once a break pops up (yay thanksgiving!) i'll probably be posting a lot more regularly, but for now, all i have are a few short unfinished things.

Anyways, i'm trying to work towards doing a writing challenge, but i haven't gotten around to choosing one yet so that'll come soon..ish...

Also, i've been super addicted to watching new tv shows right now. sure, i already watch wayy too many but i love tv so much i have to have more. So here's a list of a few im trying out:

Freaks and Geeks: It was only for one season and i love all of the actors, i'm on episode 4 right now but youtube is retarded and cutting out a whole chunk of it...sidereel doesnt want to show more links so that's a wip...

Castle: omg nathan fillion! and i can't get enough of procedural shows...they're so addicting!

Lost: its on its final season and i havent even started yet...eventually i will get into it...

Mad Men: yeah, this is kind of low priority right now on my list, but i know its an amazing show so i'll get around to it eventually.

Battlestar Galactica: intense awesome scifi show that is kind of confusing...but i think i'll get into it when i have time...

The Big Bang Theory: i tried a while back, i really did, but it just didn't grow on me. i'll try later

So, eventually some stories will be put up, when i get the chance...stupid school